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Montreal Quebec  H4N 1J5

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Produce Handled With Care

Temperatures and humidity levels are controlled by a sophisticated computer system
and checked every 30 minutes.


The moment produce arrives at our facilities, it undergoes an initial nine-point quality inspection. It is then quickly moved to one of our cold rooms, where the optimal storage temperature is maintained, to ensure the cold chain is never interrupted.


Thanks to expertise acquired over many years, Canadawide has mastered the art of storing fruit and vegetables based on their natural affinities and incompatibilities. For example, we avoid storing kiwis and cantaloupes with certain other produce because the ethylene gas they give off can cause the produce to ripen faster.


  • Ability to maintain produce at temperatures ranging from
    -1° to +15° Celsius
  • Over 30 cold rooms totalling 170,000 sq. ft. of refrigerated space
  • Wet rooms, dry coolers, tropical-produce rooms, and several
    banana ripening rooms